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What’s the Difference Between DUI and DWI?

Do You Know the Difference Between the Two Charges?

You may ask yourself, what’s the difference between DUI and DWI? Both are serious offenses in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It can be confusing to try and understand the differences. This month, Wilson C. Pasley, PLC, Attorney at Law, will answer the question; what’s the difference between DUI and DWI?

Understand What Both Charges Mean

Residents in and around Roanoke, VA, often use DUI and DWI interchangeably when talking about drunk driving. These offenses carry the same punishment. However, they also carry different definitions. Prosecutors must prove other things to establish guilt. Here’s how Roanoke, VA, classifies these charges:

DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)

Individuals face this charge when driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher. It doesn’t matter whether or not they appear intoxicated.

DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol)

Drivers can face this offense if alcohol impairs their driving ability regardless of their BAC content.

The confusion between these two charges may come from the statute or text itself. Virginia Code § 18.2-266 contains references to both crimes.

Learn The Penalties for Both Crimes in the Commonwealth of Virginia

In Roanoke, VA, DUI and DWI are equally serious. Individuals could face the same penalties for both offenses, including:

  • Twelve-month jail sentence with a mandatory minimum of five days if your BAC was 0.15 percent. If your BAC was .20 percent or higher, you face a mandatory minimum of 10 days in jail.
  • Fine between $250 and $2,500
  • One-year driver’s license suspension.

If you face a DUI or DWI in Roanoke, VA, you need an experienced lawyer to fight for your rights. You need an attorney that has experience handling these cases, and always has your best interest at heart. You need Wilson C. Pasley, PLC, Attorney at Law.

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