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Divorce Attorney in Roanoke, VA
Wilson C. Pasley, PLC Attorney at Law

Strong Counsel to Uphold Your Rights During Separation and Divorce

When you need a divorce attorney in Roanoke, VA, trust Wilson C. Pasley, PLC Attorney at Law. As an experienced lawyer he provides strong counsel to uphold your rights during separation and divorce. Inquire about a separation agreement and review the types of divorce you may choose.

Our firm can assist divorcing spouses who share parenting of children as well as professionals with business property to divide. However, sometimes divorcing couples cannot avoid litigation. With our firm you receive a strong divorce lawyer to stand in your corner. With years of courtroom experience we do everything possible to help achieve the outcome you desire. Call (540) 266-1545 or contact us online today for a consultation.

Experienced Lawyer Explains the Types Of Divorce In Virginia

In Virginia, there are two types of divorce: fault-based divorces and no-fault divorces. Seek a divorce based on fault when one spouse commits adultery or acts of cruelty toward the other spouse. File for fault-based divorce when one spouse willfully abandons the other. Choose a fault-based divorce when your spouse receives a felony conviction with imprisonment of more than one year.

You may obtain a no-fault divorce at any time so long as you and your spouse live separately for at least a year. For some, this no-fault wait period can shorten to only six months. This option is for divorcing spouses with no children under 18 who can amicably enter into a separation agreement.

Ask Our Attorney: What Is A Separation Agreement?

A separation agreement documents how you and your soon-to-be ex plan to address all of your divorce-related legal issues. These can include property division, child custody, visitation, child support and spousal support. When creating a separation agreement, it is always best to speak with a lawyer. There are important and potential long-term implications in a separation agreement.

A Collaborative Approach for Divorcing Couples with Children

Our firm places a high priority on working collaboratively with divorcing couples who have children. We work toward agreements and parenting plans that allow both parents to maintain healthy relationships with their children. Our attorney counsels parents on how to act in their children’s best interests. Protect your interests in these matters with our collaborative approach.

Skilled and Compassionate Family Law and Divorce Representation

Going through divorce can be one of the most stressful events people will face in their lifetimes. For many concerned about their future relationship with their children, it can be too much to handle alone. With Wilson C. Pasley, PLC Attorney at Law you will receive skilled and compassionate family law and divorce representation.

Family law services can include all aspects in divorce. These include child custody, child support, spousal support, also known as alimony, property division, visitation, modifications, and other complex considerations. If divorcing spouses fail to consider all they might miss, it ends up costing them in the future.

Wilson C. Pasley, PLC Attorney at Law Helps with Property Division

Dividing marital assets and debts fairly is an important part of nearly every divorce. Wilson C. Pasley, PLC Attorney at Law can guide you. We help you through the process in a way that protects your financial interests. We can assist with a wide range of property and debt division concerns, including:

  • Bank accounts and stocks
  • Cars, boats and other vehicles
  • Houses, vacation homes and rental properties
  • Mortgages, credit card bills, student loans and other debts
  • Retirement accounts, pension plans and military benefits
  • Small businesses and professional practices

Joint Business and Marriage Assets of Divorcing Couples in Virginia

If you are a business owner or professional considering divorce in Virginia, there may be unique legal and financial concerns. Business owners may worry about how divorce will impact their company. Divorcing professionals may have financial or estate concerns, such as pensions or retirement accounts.

For questions about these complex divorce-related issues, the firm of Wilson C. Pasley, PLC Attorney at Law can help. With over a decade of legal experience attorney Pasley can explain your legal options and guide you through this process. Call our office in Roanoke today if you are in Botetourt, Montgomery, and Franklin counties.

How Does a Divorcing Couple Divide a Business?

Virginia is an equitable distribution state. This means that marital property is divided fairly, not necessarily equally, during divorce proceedings. Basically, marital property includes any income earned or property acquired by either spouse during the marriage. If the business started after marrying your spouse, this may entitle your soon-to-be ex to a significant portion of its value.

If splitting the business in two is not practical, the court may award the entire business to one spouse. In most cases the business may go to the one who ran it. The court may then award other marital property or assets to the other spouse to offset the difference. It is crucial to ensure the court properly values the business due to its effect on marital property distribution.

Alternatively, a business owned prior to getting married is considered separate property. This means its value will not have to be split with your ex-spouse. However, it is important to keep in mind that any increase in the business’s value during the marriage may be considered marital property and thus subject to division.

Dividing Pensions And Retirement Plans During Divorce

Similarly, divorcing couples may also divide pensions and retirement plans, including 401(k)s. The general focus is on the amount of additional earnings during the marriage. As with businesses, dividing retirement plans can be extremely complicated and involve many complex calculations and valuation methods.

Experienced Family Law Attorney in Roanoke Legal Matters

For these many reasons, it is always best to seek legal guidance from Wilson C. Pasley, PLC Attorney at Law. If you need to speak to an experienced divorce attorney for business owners and professionals, contact attorney Pasley today. Your financial future is too important not to act immediately. We are the firm to have on your side.

As an experienced family law attorney in Roanoke, we offer sound legal counsel on other family law matters. In addition to divorce in Roanoke, you can also speak with our attorney about child custody and spousal support. We also can help with adoption and paternity situations. Contact Wilson C. Pasley, PLC Attorney at Law for an experienced divorce attorney in Roanoke, VA.