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Do I Need Spousal Support?

Spousal support concept image

Understanding Spousal Support with Wilson C. Pasley PLC in Roanoke, VA Determining the need for spousal support can be a critical component of divorce settlements. It serves to provide financial stability to the lower-earning spouse post-divorce. Navigating the waters of divorce can be challenging. This is especially true when it comes to the financial aspects […]

What Can I Do if My Car is a Lemon?

Lemon car

You Might be Able to Recover Money Thanks to a Lemon Law Many people have asked the question, “What can I do if my car is a lemon?” No, your car is not a fruit, but its lack of reliability may leave a sour taste in your mouth. If your car is a lemon or […]

When Do I Need an LLC?

LLC concept

Wilson C. Pasley, PLC, Can Advise You on Setting Up Your Business Wilson C. Pasley, PLC, in Roanoke, VA, can help potential business owners answer such questions as, “When do I need an LLC?” If you ever had the dream of starting your own business, Attorney Wilson C. Pasley can help with business formation assistance. […]

Divorce Doesn’t Have to be Ugly

Divorce concept - dividing assets

Making The Decision to File for Divorce Making the decision to file for divorce can be an emotionally tense, painful one, but does divorce have to be ugly? Dividing any owned property, establishing custody of children, and creating a new life without a spouse can be stressful. It can be beneficial to keep a divorce […]

How Probation Violation Laws in Virginia Have Changed

Probation concept

Explaining the New Probation Violation Law Do you know how probation violation laws in Virginia have changed? In January of 2021, Delegate Don L. Scott introduced “Probation, revocation, and suspension of sentence; limitations on sentence, technical violation.” Less than a month later, the bill passed in the Virginia House of Delegates: 57 to 43. This […]

Petty Larceny vs Grand Larceny

Man stealing wallet from purse

Learn the Differences Between Petty Larceny and Grand Larceny Do you know the difference between Petty Larceny vs Grand Larceny? Larceny is a crime that takes place every day in places around the country. This crime occurs when someone steals another person’s or business’s property. When someone commits larceny in a retail setting, this is […]

How To Settle a Real Estate Property Dispute

Property dispute concept

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Learn how to settle a real estate property dispute. No matter if you live in an apartment building, housing development, city street, or house, you have neighbors around you. Every person enjoys some level of privacy and has personal space preferences. When those levels and preferences broken, problems can arise. […]

Learn the Difference Between a Power of Attorney, Administrator, and Executor

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Choose Someone to Make Decisions on Your Behalf The legal team at Wilson C. Pasley PLC in Roanoke, VA, wants to help you learn the difference between a power of attorney, administrator, and executor. Establishing a power of attorney (POA), administrator, or executor for your will and estate is not a decision to be made […]

When Do You Need to Declare Bankruptcy?

Woman facing bankruptcy

Trust Wilson C. Pasley PLC to Help You File for Bankruptcy When do you need to declare bankruptcy? When people hear the word “bankruptcy,” they may think of total loss and empty pockets. However, bankruptcy can get you back on the right track with your personal finances. While getting out of debt may seem like […]

A Guide to the Adoption Process

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Welcoming in a New Family Member When you consider adopting a child, you need a guide to the adoption process. Opening your home to a new family member can be an exciting and joyful occasion for any new parent or guardian. Before the celebration can begin, many important steps must be covered. In the Commonwealth […]