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Divorce concept - dividing assets

Divorce Doesn’t Have to be Ugly

Making The Decision to File for Divorce

Making the decision to file for divorce can be an emotionally tense, painful one, but does divorce have to be ugly? Dividing any owned property, establishing custody of children, and creating a new life without a spouse can be stressful. It can be beneficial to keep a divorce peaceful, especially if you have children. In this case, you and your ex must continue to communicate after the divorce is over. In our blog this month, Wilson C. Pasley, PLC, will take a look at how a divorce can be kept friendly and fair for everyone involved.


Divorce Falls Under the Category of Family Law

Family law services can include all aspects of divorce. These include child custody; child support; spousal support, also known as alimony; property division; visitation; modifications; and other complex considerations. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, there are two types of divorce: fault-based divorces and no-fault divorces. A divorce based on fault is filed when one spouse commits adultery or acts of cruelty toward the other. A fault-based divorce can also be an option when one spouse willfully abandons the other.

If your spouse receives a felony conviction with imprisonment of more than one year, you can file a fault-based divorce. You may obtain a no-fault divorce at any time, so long as you and your spouse live separately for at least a year. For some, this no-fault waiting period can be shortened to only six months. This option is for divorcing spouses with no children under 18 who can amicably enter into a separation agreement.


Get Help Before and After Your Divorce is Final

It’s important to remember that no matter how isolated you may feel, you are not alone. Look for divorce support sources. There are organizations and help centers that can guide you through the wide mixture of feelings you’re experiencing. They will also help you to learn to deal with them in a healthy, constructive way. When you can control your emotions, you can better prepare yourself for your divorce negotiations and deal with them with a calm, level head.


Talk to Wilson C. Pasley When You Are Ready to File for Divorce

Attempting to go it alone without an attorney, either to save money or reduce tension, can lead to more financial damage and higher tension over time. Wilson C. Pasley, PLC, Attorney at Law, can assist divorcing spouses who share parenting of children, as well as professionals with business property to divide.


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