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How To Settle a Real Estate Property Dispute

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Learn how to settle a real estate property dispute. No matter if you live in an apartment building, housing development, city street, or house, you have neighbors around you. Every person enjoys some level of privacy and has personal space preferences. When those levels and preferences broken, problems can arise. Real estate property disputes can be rational discussions or full on arguments. For that reason, having a real estate attorney on your side can save you some hassle. Attorney Wilso C. Pasley can help with property disputes. This month, we will look at solving real estate property disputes and how a real estate lawyer can help.


There Are a Vast Array of Property Dispute Issues

Property disputes come from property line disagreements, responsibility for repairs on construction, blocked views, rightful ownership, zoning issues, property damage. In addition, a property dispute can involve: homeowners, landlords, renters, neighbors, property visitors and trespassers, family members, homeowners’ associations, and government agencies.


Sometimes in suburban or rural areas, property disputes arise from “gentlemen’s agreements” that were never recorded. A line of trees or bushes may serve as a property boundary. However, the true property line may fall a few feet on either side of the tree line. When one neighbor or the other wants to add something to their property.


Learn How to Protect Yourself from Property Disputes

In conclusion, there are few different things a homeowner can do to protect themselves in regards to a property dispute. Having a lawyer or other professional investigator do a title search on the property can verify the property’s clear title. A clear title means a bank has purchase documentation, and that there are no outstanding liens or debts on it. Sale deeds should not contain errors. Make sure the dates on the stamp papers and transfer of title documents are correct and match each other.

If you are planning to build on your new property, make sure your plan has all the required approvals.  You may need to obtain licenses for construction work and other aspects of your project from the appropriate government department. Another critical step to take when building on your property is making sure your approved plan matches the area. If the approved plan does not match the built area, your new construction could be illegal.

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