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Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney

Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney

Wilson C. Pasley, PLC in Roanoke, VA Offers Estate Planning Services

Navigating the legalities of estate planning can be complex, but with the right guidance, it becomes a powerful tool for securing your future. At Wilson C. Pasley, PLC Attorney at Law in Roanoke, VA, we specialize in creating wills, establishing trusts, and drafting powers of attorney. The right estate plan ensures the care of loved ones and honoring of your wishes.


Crafting Your Will for Future Security

Your will serves as a direct reflection of your wishes for asset distribution after your passing. In Roanoke, VA, our team excels in crafting wills that not only adhere to Virginia’s legal requirements but also encapsulate your unique needs and desires. We work directly with you to create a will that clearly dictates your asset allocation, ensuring your beneficiaries understand and honor your intentions.


Establishing Trusts for Asset Protection in Estate Planning

Trusts are more than just legal entities; they are strategic tools for asset management and protection. By establishing a trust, you actively manage how your assets are handled both during your lifetime and after. Our expertise in trust creation in Roanoke, VA, ensures your assets are safeguarded and used precisely as you intend, whether for family care, business management, or charitable giving.


Implementing Powers of Attorney for Decision-Making

Selecting a power of attorney means choosing a trusted individual to make key decisions on your behalf if you are unable to. This proactive step ensures that your financial and healthcare decisions align with your wishes, regardless of future circumstances. We guide you through this critical process, safeguarding your interests in all eventualities.



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