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Adoption concept

A Guide to the Adoption Process

Welcoming in a New Family Member

When you consider adopting a child, you need a guide to the adoption process. Opening your home to a new family member can be an exciting and joyful occasion for any new parent or guardian. Before the celebration can begin, many important steps must be covered. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the process of adopting children is a task which can prove to be daunting. There are many different ways to reach your goal of adopting a child. Any adoption must have a knowledgeable attorney involved to make sure all of the proper paperwork is in order and the Commonwealth has what it needs to approve it.

In our blog this month, we here at Wilson C. Pasley PLC in Roanoke, VA, will cover how the adoption process works in Virginia and how an attorney can help you.


Making the Choice to Adopt

Making the decision to adopt a child could stem from a multitude of reasons. Maybe the parent is unable to safely raise and take care of the child. A step-parent may wish to adopt their stepchild. Infertility issues may affect one spouse or both. Among others, these are all reasons for adoption. There are two main types of adoptions: agency and non-agency placements. In an agency placement, the local department of social services has the sole authority to place the child with their biological family or place the child into foster care.

In non-agency adoptions, the birth parents or legal guardians consent to the adoption, and parental rights are given up. These types of adoptions are parental placement adoptions, step-parent adoptions, close relative adoptions, and adult adoptions. Visit the Virginia Department Of Social Services for more information on the adoption process.



Having a Knowledgeable Attorney by Your Side is Always Beneficial

We can help you understand the complexities of Virginia adoption law. This includes the laws associated with adoptions by step-parents, adoptions by close relatives, direct placements by birth parents/legal guardians, and placements by adoption agencies. No matter the situation, Attorney Pasley works tirelessly to help establish your parental relationship properly. Our legal work from the team here at Wilson C. Pasley PLC gives you and your child the new future you both desire.


For more information on the adoption process, give Wilson C. Pasley PLC a call at (540) 266-1545. Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest news and information. We are happy to discuss more about a guide to the adoption process.